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Former Inmate Turned Entrepreneur Launches Magazine Bringing Social Media To Those Behind Bars.

Former Inmate Turned Entrepreneur Launches Magazine Bringing Social Media To Those Behind Bars.

November 14
16:31 2022
Former Inmate Turned Entrepreneur Launches Magazine Bringing Social Media To Those Behind Bars.
Entrepreneur Virgil Hare
Entrepreneur Virgil Hare Creates magazines that give hope and inspires inmates.

It is no secret that social media plays a massive role in today’s world. The same could be said for those behind bars. INDULTA magazine has figured out how to bring Instagram and other social media platforms to prison inmates.

Virgil Hare, a Detroit native and founder of INDULTA magazine of new thought, spent time in the Michigan Department of Corrections and knows firsthand about the negative experience that inmates can be subjected to.

“Being behind bars, especially those days when it seemed as if I was cut off from the world, was extremely tough,” says Virgil.

Dealing with the day-to-day adverse circumstances and situations could have affected Virgil’s mental state, but he did not allow that to happen. It wasn’t even an option for him. During his incarceration, Virgil knew he would get back into society and do great things.

Finding Inspiration

Virgil recalls telling himself that he would use his prison experience as motivation to accomplish all of his goals post-incarceration.

Virgil also recalls his dream board that he created in his cell, on his bulletin board, full of pictures and inspirational quotes that kept him going during those times of wanting to give.

That dream board inspired him to create INDULTA magazine of new thought.

“If I could receive motivation and inspiration from looking at pictures that could be found on Instagram, so could everyone else,” said Virgil.

INDULTA Magazine

With the creation of INDULTA magazine, Virgil has brought some of that social media flare that we all love to those incarcerated. INDULTA magazine is like a book of a variety of pictures that we come across while browsing our social media pages.

Whether it’s pictures of celebrities, influencers, cars, homes, fashion, and so much more, INDULTA magazine has made it possible for inmates to experience all of that!

Virgil says that it is his goal to bring as much inspiration into the prisons as possible, and what better way to inspire those behind bars that to give them a visualization of what they have to look forward to after their release from incarceration.

Virgil wants those in prison to know that they can achieve whatever they put their minds to after incarceration and feels that the motivation to do so has to start during incarceration.

Currently, there is no other platform in our prison system doing what Virgil is doing with INDULTA magazine. Virgil plans to have a copy of INDULTA in every inmate’s hand across the nation, bringing them joy, peace, inspiration, and motivation.

More information about INDULTA magazine can be found on its website.

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