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New horror film Rage: Midsummer’s Eve offers scares, weird cocktails and eye candy for all

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New horror film Rage: Midsummer’s Eve offers scares, weird cocktails and eye candy for all

February 27
09:47 2015

Cheers! Weird shots being served in a new horror film, Rage: Midsummer’s Eve.
Female director’s horror film, Rage: Midsummer’s Eve offers traditional scares, weird cocktail recipes, and eye candy for both sexes. Brooklyn girl, American-Finnish director, Tii Ricks releases her horror film, Rage: Midsummer’s Eve in March. Set in the Finnish Arctic Circle and filmed during the real “white nights” when the sun never sets in the midsummer, the film offers a new approach to horror: Where do you hide when the day is as treacherous as the night?

American horror film, Rage: Midsummer’s Eve, set in the Finnish Arctic Circle premieres March 6.

The film tells the story of American and British friends, living and studying in Finland, who take up an offer to travel to the Arctic Circle and celebrate a mysterious pagan festival, Midsummer’s Eve. Before the happenings in the film turn for the worse, the Finnish summer is full of drinking, having fun, and skinny dipping.

Before the horror really starts the film also introduces the viewers one of the craziest drink recipe ever. Drinking more than one of the shots shown in the film is definitely not for anyone who likes to keep up with their health, but it might be worth trying if you are old enough to drink hard liquor. The drink is called “Finnish Sausage Schnapps” and here is the recipe, so that one can make a tray full of these while getting ready to be scared watching Rage: Midsummer’s Eve. 

Finnish Sausage Schnapps:

1. Take a thick, German style sausage and cut it into two or three inch long pieces.

2. Carve out some of the meat from the sausage pieces with a small spoon to make them into “meat cups” leaving a nice amount of meat inside every cup.

3. Fill the cups with Vodka (preferably Finlandia Vodka of course).

4. Put some mustard on your hand, just like you would put salt before drinking Tequila.

5. Lick the mustard off your hand.

6. Drink the Vodka.

7. Eat the sausage cup.

And there you go – you have done it: The Finnish Midsummer’s “Sausage Schnapps”.

Midsummer’s Eve is an old pagan festival celebrated all over the world. 

Rage: Midsummer’s Eve is directed by American-Finnish female director, Tii Ricks. Cast: Holly Georgia, Johnny Sachon, Michael Vardian, Greta Mandelin, Christian Sandstrom. 

Watch the trailer of Rage: Midsummer’s Eve:

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