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New Travel Safety & Security Management Services Announced by Intelligent Travel

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New Travel Safety & Security Management Services Announced by Intelligent Travel

February 23
19:07 2015

“We looked at how you can purchase the seat of your choice on a flight, request the room of your choice with your accommodation provider and claim business travel expenses at the end of each specific trip, and created a suite of travel safety management services to seamlessly integrate with these pay-per-use, personal travel services,” declared Tony Ridley, CEO and Founder of Intelligent Travel.
Instead of expensive, membership/subscription based and non-personal travel security services, Intelligent Travel has announced an expanded range of personalised, pay-per-use, travel health, safety, security and risk management services for business and leisure travellers. The services are available direct or via travel management company partners.

As the travel industry and buyers increasingly provide/demand personal travel services, Intelligent Travel responded to the growing need to provide specific, scalable, on-demand travel safety management services to business and leisure travellers.

“Rather than a company providing these micro-business loans to travel providers, paying in advance for forecasted service levels, on a membership/subscription-based approach, and then not utilising nearly all the services they purchase, we decided to break down the need, the purchase and service in much the same way their purchase flights, accommodation or taxi services, as they need it and on a per-trip basis,” noted Tony Ridley. “Furthermore, these one-size-fits-all services, where regardless of nearly any personal circumstances, context, business relevance and a host of workplace safety standards, provide exactly the same “rating” for all travellers, service nobody when you have just 4 or 5 levels in which you categorise a journey,” declared Tony. “Our approach is to consider the traveller, the journey, the destination and those factors that contribute to increased/decreased risk, and provide upwards of 1 million variable analysis levels, specific to the person, time and location to which they are travelling,” he concluded.

A recent update to their website outlined the following unique benefits of the Intelligent Travel Safety Management Suite:

  • Personal travel safety analysis, for each traveller and each trip.

  • Online booking tool integration, combining travel administration and safety.

  • Pay-per-use, only for the services and duration needed.

  • Travel agency integration, to compliment the existing travel support services.

  • Online support services, to speed up the information and support process.

  • Travel safety management, based on legislation and risk management standards.

  • Destination specific, rather than entire countries and regions.

They also released a short business travel safety management video for customers:

Video Link:

Anticipating that not all travellers need/want the same level or scope of services, they have segmented each of the key buyer needs into simple, scalable travel health, safety, security and risk management options.

According to the Core Travel Safety & Security Management Services are:

  • Personalised travel health, safety, security and risk management

  • Pre-travel safety analysis, evaluation and risk ratings.

  • Travel safety tracking/watch, for keeping others informed of your actual travel location

  • Travel safety management, for business compliance and duty of care objectives

  • Education and Training, around travel safety/security, inductions and orientations

  • Travel safety monitoring, for business management of mobile and travelling employees

  • Travel concierge, for more detailed support and advice in support of travel

  • Travel Visa Processing in select locations.

  • Remote site & FIFO travel safety management, as required.

  • Journey risk assessments for more detailed, specific trips by VIPs, special events or new marketing/destinations.

  • Online booking integration for speedy, cost effective and efficient travel and safety management.

Based out of Melbourne, Australia, Intelligent Travel sees the growth in demand for “personal” not “generic” travel support services, that compliment the travel booking, insurance and travel experience, regardless of whether it is business or leisure travel. Now, both audiences can benefit from the same level of quality research, analysis and travel safety advice, specific to the traveller and their own unique journey.

Business/Leisure travellers and travel agents are encouraged to visit the new website at for more information and insight into their unique, taliored approach to travel safety management.

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