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Convincing the HOA Board to Hire a Manager Requires Legwork, Says Kuester Management Group

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Convincing the HOA Board to Hire a Manager Requires Legwork, Says Kuester Management Group

February 16
06:00 2015
Kuester Management Group reveals a few tips for convincing the HOA Board to hire an outside management company.

Many HOAs arrive at a place where they can no longer function smoothly or expediently on their own; hiring an external management company becomes a necessity. The problem is, not all HOA Board members will be agreeable to this from the beginning; it may fall to some Board members to convince the skeptics. This can sometimes seem like an uphill battle, but in a new statement to the press, Kuester Management Group offers some tips.

“What happens when one Board member sees a dire need to hire a management company, but the rest of the Board is on the fence?” asks Bryan Kuester, President of Kuester Management Group. “Simply put, that one Board member needs to do some homework and convince the others that hiring a manager is a prudent thing to do.”

It is always best to present the Board with some specifics, Kuester says. “Don’t discuss it in the abstract,” he cautions. “Do some research into local companies that have strong reputations within the community. Develop a list of at least two or three management companies you can take to the Board.”

Focusing on specific services can also be advantageous. Says Kuester, “It’s best to get a formal proposal that lists specific services that the management company can render. Focus on what’s in it for your Association­—how a management company might help enhance property values and make Board services more expedient and effective.”

Kuester recommends that Board members bring up this topic at a formal Board meeting. “Don’t act on your own,” he warns. “Discuss it at a meeting, and make your case. Come prepared with the specific reasons why you think a manager is necessary—including fiduciary, legal, and community-building functions.”

Other reasons to consider hiring a manager include access to Board training and education.

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