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Advantage Continuing Education Seminars Delivers Results Through Onsite Team Training

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Advantage Continuing Education Seminars Delivers Results Through Onsite Team Training

February 02
07:00 2015
Advantage Continuing Education Seminars provides continuing education and onsite training relevant to myriad industries.

At its core, customer service may seem like something relatively static and unchanging. Customer service is really all about providing a positive consumer experience, through friendliness, customization, and transparency. There is much truth to this, and yet customer service is also dynamic; a recent Forbes  article, for example, notes the ways in which social media has made it both more difficult and more important for businesses to offer superior service. In a new statement to the press, Advantage Continuing Education Seminars provides some insight into how companies can step up their customer service game—through continuing education courses and onsite training.

“There is no company that cannot benefit from improved customer service standards,” comments Dr. Rick Goodman, founder of Advantage Continuing Education Seminars. “There is no sales or marketing or retail professional who could not benefit from a new set of insights, strategies, and tools. Continuing education in the field of customer service is really beneficial for all working professionals, including attorneys and accountants. So how do you build a team that offers effective customer service and delivers at a high level? Simple: Through on-site team training.”

Advantage Continuing Education Seminars provides exactly that. “ACES will provide you and your organization with a strategic and customized approach to meet all of your on-site training needs,” comments Dr. Goodman. “Our training team is adept at delivering training for small businesses, corporations, and Fortune 500 companies in a variety of industries and verticals—and that includes training in the best customer service approaches.”

The ever-changing nature of customer service is just one thing that makes these courses so useful. Forbes highlights this, and Dr. Goodman confirms it: “Part of being a great customer service provider is being in touch with the different channels through which customers can be engaged—and that means staying current on social media and digital marketing trends,” he remarks. “We offer a onsite training courses that cover these topics and more, and are sure to enrich your professional aptitude and boost your company’s efficacy.”

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Advantage Continuing Education Seminars is one of the fastest growing companies of its kind. Founded in 2000 by Dr. Rick Goodman, ACES initially offered continuing education offerings within a single industry; today its offerings span multiple industries, including a full array of seminars, webinars, and other education resources covering the medical, legal, accounting, and construction verticals.

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