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Kuester Management Group Offers Tips on Boosting HOA Meeting Attendance

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Kuester Management Group Offers Tips on Boosting HOA Meeting Attendance

January 26
06:40 2015
Kuester Management Group reveals some strategies for generating higher attendance at the annual HOA meeting.

In addition to regular meetings of the HOA Board, HOA communities also have big annual meetings at which all homeowners are encouraged to be present. The number of homeowners who actually do attend these meetings can sometimes be questionable, however; meeting attendance remains a perennial problem for many HOA communities. According to a new press statement from Kuester Management Group, however, there are strategies that Boards can take to drive higher attendance numbers and to get homeowners involved.

“Advertising the meeting is the first key,” comments Bryan Kuester, President of Kuester Management Group. “You cannot assume that people are going to know when the big meeting is, even if you have mentioned it in the past or even put out some flyers. Advertise it heavily, including on your community’s social media pages. Advertise early, as well. Give owners as much advance warning as possible, and urge them to save the date.”

It can sometimes be helpful to make the meeting more than just a meeting. “Try turning it into a social function, even if that just means serving a light dinner, some appetizers, or some ice cream,” Kuester comments. “This will encourage attendance, especially among younger families in your community.”

Incentives and prizes can also be offered. “What if you hold a raffle, a drawing, or a contest at your next meeting?” Kuester asks. “That may seem like a gimmick, but it can prove highly effective, as well.”

A final strategy from Bryan Kuester is to spell out the meeting agenda, letting homeowners know what is at stake. “Many homeowners may not know what’s discussed at these meetings,” he says. “However, the HOA business may impact them directly, especially if you are talking about raising assessments, changing parking policies, or the like. If people understand in advance what’s on the docket, it may encourage them to show up and make themselves heard.”

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