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Kuester Management Group Offers Crash Course for New HOA Board Members

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Kuester Management Group Offers Crash Course for New HOA Board Members

January 19
06:00 2015
Kuester Management Group reveals some essential tips for new HOA Board members.

Serving on the HOA Board is both honorable and rewarding, but for many volunteers it can also be daunting. Those who have never served on an HOA Board may question their ability to do so effectively. In a new statement to the press, Kuester Management Group reveals some no-nonsense tips for new or soon-to-be-new Board members.

“The first thing we would say is: Don’t psyche yourself out,” comments Bryan Kuester, President of Kuester Management Group. “Your willingness to serve and your eagerness to do so effectively can go a long way. Even if you’ve never served in this capacity before, there are numerous ways in which you can make a positive difference.”

Education is paramount—starting with education about the Association itself. “Start by figuring out what the Association’s roles are, what each member of the Board does, and how the Board’s meeting and decision-making processes work,” Kuester recommends. “Meet with a more experienced Board member to go over these things.”

Close familiarity with the HOA’s governing documents is also essential. “Spend some time soaking up these documents, and get to know what the HOA Board can and cannot do,” Kuester suggests.

Kuester also recommends spending some time getting to know the characters of the Board. “At your first meeting, spend some time simply observing and reflecting on the different personalities there. Try to get a feel for what’s important to the Board, what the goals are. Don’t try to change the fundamental character of the Board,” he comments.

Kuester concludes by recommending some time spent with the community manager. “Invite your manager out for lunch or coffee, and just get to know him or her,” he says. “Establish communication. Clarify what the manager’s specific functions are in your community. Also feel free to ask the manager about HOA Board member education services. Many companies, including Kuester Management Group, will provide access to these.”

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