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STAMINA PRO: A Revolutionary Approach to Active Recovery & Training

STAMINA PRO: A Revolutionary Approach to Active Recovery & Training

Irvine, CA – Luminas, a U.S. based developer and manufacturer of an electroceutical charging technology, announces the launch of their Athletic Brand, STAMINAPRO. Leveraging initial success from the LUMINAS flagship Pain Relief Product, a new approach to treating inflammation and recovery in the athletic world was born. The first product released under the STAMINAPRO brand is the STAMINAPRO Active Recovery Patch. The Active Recovery Patch is a first of it’s kind wearable patch that is worn before, during, and after training routines or sporting events to promote real-time recovery by immediately reducing inflammation at onset.

The STAMINAPRO Active Recovery patch was designed to treat inflammation and muscle fatigue while you train and compete, leading to a reduction in post workout downtime and faster recovery.  The STAMINAPRO Active Recovery patch offers a real-time decrease of general body aches, soreness, and injury by reducing inflammation before, during, and after the activity.   “I always had inflammation after my training and it used to hold me back, which led to more downtime and kept me from performing at my best. With the STAMINAPRO Active Recovery Patch I can reduce the inflammation while I train, enabling me to recover faster, train more often, and ultimately get the most out of my body.” says Derek Anderson, STAMINAPRO ambassador.

The science behind the STAMINAPRO Active Recovery patch leverages the same groundbreaking energy technology that Luminas has developed and used for the company’s other products. It is based on known electrical engineering principles and the inherent behavior of quantum physics; that all matter has a unique energy signature based on its molecular atomic structure and geometry. The proprietary technology allows LUMINAS to capture the unique electric field signatures from over 200+ natural remedies used to relieve inflammation and promote recovery. These unique signatures are then modulated onto a resonant carrier wave allowing them to transfer the unique signatures into the Active Recovery Patch. Once applied to the skin, the patches help reduce inflammation for up to 24 hours. Purchase the STAMINAPRO Active Recovery Patch at

This revolutionary approach to training and recovery is something that all athletes can benefit from. STAMINAPRO is actively partnering with ambassadors from all of the major professional sports and will be making announcements of strategic users and advisors that have joined the STAMINAPRO team. The patches are tested with infrared thermography technology and show consistent reduction of inflammation and increases in the body’s recovery process within minutes.  

Visit STAMINAPRO’s Frequently Asked Questions at for more information.

They can be contacted via phone number: 844-366-1400 or via email at [email protected]. Further information can also be found through their company website at

The Active Recovery Patch enables athletes to recover faster, train more often, and get the most out of their bodies.


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