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Brooklyn-based artist, Uncle Vickie, releases highly anticipated single, “Scream Loud”

Brooklyn-based artist, Uncle Vickie, releases highly anticipated single, “Scream Loud”

March 06
11:40 2023

Atlanta, GA – Uncle Vickie, the Brooklyn-born and Atlanta-based artist, is set to release her long-awaited single “Scream Loud” on February 17th. The single is a rock-infused track that speaks to the need for people to express themselves loudly and fearlessly.

Uncle Vickie, born Vickie Byer, was raised in a musical family, with her sister living with their father, two-time Grammy award winner Peabo Bryson. She spent her summers between Greenville, SC, and Atlanta, GA, where she was immersed in music from a young age. Her aunt taught her piano, and her uncle taught her how to harmonize vocally. She wrote a play for her drama class in high school, won the talent show her senior year, and sang in the church choir.

After high school, Uncle Vickie moved to Atlanta and occasionally performed as a guest rapper with the local rock group Urban Grind. However, after becoming a single mother, she had to put her music career on hold. Despite this, Uncle Vickie continued to learn different instruments and pursue music in her free time.

Uncle Vickie’s new single “Scream Loud” is a testament to her passion for music and her desire to make her voice heard. The recording of the song was a unique experience for her, as the studio where she was recording went into foreclosure, leading her to want to “scream.” The song was created in that moment, and it is a raw and honest expression of the need to speak up and be heard.

“Scream Loud” is a fresh and rock-infused single that speaks to the times we are living in, as we all have something we need to “scream loud” about. The recording of the single was an emotional one, as Uncle Vickie found herself in a studio that was going into foreclosure. She channeled her emotions into the recording and created a track that resonates with her listeners.

Fans of Uncle Vickie can find her new single “Scream Loud” on all streaming platforms starting February 17th. The track is fresh, powerful, and just what the world needs to hear right now.

About Uncle Vickie

Uncle Vickie, a Brooklyn-born artist, known for her love of music, has announced the release of her highly anticipated new single, “Scream Loud.” Growing up surrounded by music, Uncle Vickie’s talent was honed by her aunt and uncle who taught her to play the piano and harmonize vocally. She spent her summers with her sister and her father, Peabo Bryson, in Atlanta, where she was exposed to the world of music creation. After high school, Uncle Vickie moved to Atlanta to pursue her passion for music and eventually became a single mother, which put her music career on hold. However, she continued to learn different instruments and explore various music niches that spoke to her.

To learn more about Uncle Vickie and her music, follow her on Instagram and Facebook, or visit her website. Her music is also available on Spotify, Soundcloud, and YouTube.

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