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Rollga Foam Roller Prices To Return To Pre-Pandemic Level Despite Industry Wide Surges.

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Rollga Foam Roller Prices To Return To Pre-Pandemic Level Despite Industry Wide Surges.

May 20
16:24 2022
Rollga Foam Rollers Are Contoured To Target Muscles With Greater Precision (Pressure) Than Any Other Roller, Significantly Enhancing Muscle And Pain Release.

Despite nationwide inflation and rising costs, Rollga LLC has decided to return prices on its products to pre-pandemic levels and not conform to industry wide increases. Why? “Because as an American company, we believe customers are suffering enough right now. We want to do everything we can to help people, it’s in our mission statement, even if that means taking a hit on our margins. We always want to do right by our customers whenever we possibly can.” – says Rollga founder Taggart Downare. While costs of everything from product materials, to freight, to manufacturing have risen in the past 2 years, Rollga’s commitment to helping the world move and feel better through reasonably priced movement restoration products remains un-waivered. Even with the consumer price index, which measures prices across a range of goods like gas, groceries, rent, etc., rising 8.5% over the past year and fuel alone jumping 32% over last year, Rollga believes it can be one company customers can count on to remain stable, at least for the near future.

This is also not the first time Rollga has put the need of others above profits. Rollga regularly donates product to non-profits and the local community in an effort to help people find relief from common ailments/injuries and restore their freedom of movement. “It may not sound like much but anyone who suffers from back pain, sore muscles, or shin splints can attest to just how debilitating and frustrating those conditions can be, and there just aren’t a lot of great solutions to them. Fortunately, the way the Rollga Roller is engineered, it really targets and provides great relief to those common conditions through advanced muscle release with what we like to call “precision technology.” We love introducing people who suffer from these conditions to our products and seeing their reaction to just how effective our products, especially the Rollga Roller, are. Because of that, we always want to share our products with those in need and are always happy to support good causes and the local community.” – says Downare.

If you haven’t already heard of Rollga and want to learn more, you can check them out on their website, For exclusive Rollga deals, health and fitness tips, and info on company happenings, you can also sign up for the Rollga newsletter at the bottom of their website!

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