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October 09
23:00 2019

Cryptocurrency is a revolution that is considered to be biggest since the industrial revolution of 1970s. With Bitcoin and cryptocurrency going mainstream, investors are starting to adjust their investment in different cryptocurrency projects that are backed by strong ideas and team. One of such innovative cryptocurrency platform created by a team of FinTech hotheads is Vexa Global.

What is Vexa Global

Vexa Global (formally known as Global Partner LLC) is a USA based IT enterprise that is launched in  2019. Vexa Global is driven by passionate team of individuals who have expertise in IT, blockchain, cryptocurrency trading along with emerging technologies like IoT. The company is actively involved in different ICO and blockchain projects, designing software for ATMs and cryptocurrency exchanges. Creating an ecosystem for stable earnings along with its partners is one of core objective of Vexa Global.

Thomas Alvec, CEO Vexa Global

Discussion about Vexa Global remains incomplete without its founder and CEO Thomas Alvec. Thomas Alvec is a renowned consultant in FinTech sector since 2014. He has been part of many cryptocurrency startups some of them are in top 100 according to coinmarketcap.

His main motivation behind Vexa Global is to create a complete ecosystem that support digital currencies and enable global entrepreneurs to come and build innovative solutions very similar to what Ethereum is offering.  

Thomas Alvec is also known for assisting with co-creation of government projects for different countries implementing blockchain technology and helping the global adoption of digital currencies.

Products of Vexa Global

  • CRYPTO ATMs are core product of Vexa Global in production. Vexa Global is currently offering three different models of crypto ATM. Since the launch of first crypto ATM in 2015, Vexa Global is continuously bringing innovative features and improvements to its fleet of ATMs. One such innovation was introduction of NFC cards. These ATMs support top 40+ crypto currencies and 26 different languages. These ATMs have great design, state of the art hardware and are packed with innovation.
  • VG.Exchange is crypto exchange platform launched by Vexa Global. VG.Exchange is a secure, reliable and advanced cryptocurrency trading platform developed for international clients and based on the latest technology. The exchange has decent trading volume, weekly trading volume at VG.Exchange  as of today is 1.3 million USDT.

Following products are under development and will be available very soon.

  • BOT

Physical Presence

The main issue with crypto world is that there are too many projects that started without any physical presence and ran away after grabbing there investors money.

Vexa Global differs in a sense that apart from its digital existence it has offices that are located in USA and Estonia. These offices are established to make sure that Vexa Global exists in real and is fully compliance with regulations of these countries. By 2020, 20 regional partner offices in Asia, Europe, Africa and America will be established for better coordination and business expansion.

There are marketing department as well as trading rooms in these offices. Any interested personal can book his appointment to visit these offices at any time.

What Vexa global offers you?

Vexa Global has experience minds that work hard in place of you. As an investment management company Vexa Global offers three different types of packages in which you can invest and earn profit right from the comfort of your home.

Basic. The investment range for this package is 50 – 999 USD and minimum duration for investment is 130 days. You can earn weekly profit up to 130%.

Premium. The investment range for this package is 1000 – 9999 USD and minimum duration for investment is 150 days. You can earn profit up to 150% that is given every 2 weeks.

Exclusive. The investment range for this package is 10000 – 100,000 USD and minimum duration for investment is 180 days. You can earn profit up to 180% that is given every 4 week.

Based on the information provided in this article it’s up to you to invest in Vexa Global or not. Many people believe that Vexa Global is scam and will never be a reality, same is said for every new invention including Bitcoin in 2008. In our opinion Vexa Global shows something totally new for online industry and has a good chance of becoming a big business.

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